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Kianah Bobi alias Bobi K was born in 1990 in Belgium, she is actually living and working between Los Angeles and Brussels.

Bobi K studied art in the Academy of Fine-Arts in Liège. Parallel of her studies, Bobi K organized clandestine exhibitions in the domain of art, her bohemian side resurfaced and her will to create her own creation started to grow. She started while looking for the perfect balance between expression and manifestation, rhythm and disorder, all with a feminine sensuality that emerges from her works.

Bobi K is appealed to the dialect of shapes, colors and opposite concepts. She offers scenes of corporal and spontaneous expressions with a playful, innocent and tribal touch, the influences of his Congolese origins.

The lunar side of Joan Miro can be perceived, as much as the impulsive gesture of Jackson Pollock. The strength, which emerges from her work, reveals an admiration in the image of the famous artist Frida Kahlo.
The creative impulse that arises from the conciliation of these antagonistic senses gives rise to a new language, an “abject art” weaving close to street art.

The rhythm of her brush line reminds the composition of a jazz score, a choreography of forms followed by a ballet of the senses with a touch of colour…Bobi K reveals a song of poetic and passionate nuance.